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Us v. Us.

It was always in jeopardy. Yesterday's leaked draft from the Supreme Court should not have been a surprise to anyone. How fragile the concepts and rules that attempt to preserve autonomy. How is it that we are still debating what life is; what agency is? That one half of the population somehow isn't allowed to make decisions affecting her body: her life. Yet here we are. In my state, this is less a concern as I live in a place where my elected leaders are somewhat aligned with my values. It's in part why I live here. The thing is, in states where laws on access and time periods continue to constrict, we will find loopholes. We always have. The question is “how”. How do we do this safely and sustainably? How do we look out for those who are most impacted by systemic repression? We've asked too much of our leaders to care (this is my contempt speaking) and along the way, we have forgotten or never recognized how powerful we are as female humans. We wield the power to give life and provide the future. It is an incredible responsibility that should never have been in the hands of politics or the court--both of whom are fallible. So how do we do this differently and on our own terms? That's the real call to action right now that requires our creativity and our reckoning. I'm not too tired to be scrappy and get shit done. How about you? Regardless, never forget your individual power to think critically and act accordingly. You are more powerful and more capable than you think. Don’t play small.


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