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No shortage.

I read an email this morning that said not to go silent, not to bury heads in the sand. Do something. Anything. Say something.

There's no shortage of opinion in these social spaces.

It's easy to grow numb to the outrage and hostility.

That's not something I want to contribute to.

However, I made a silent promise two years ago when I lost someone very special to me that I would always find my voice and I would share it regardless.

We can all agree that the gun issue is complicated. I've spent the last couple of days researching the history of guns, gun violence, and respective laws.

With as many guns floating around the U.S., you would think that there would be more shootings than there are.

The tool of choice is disconcerting.

What is more disconcerting are the commonalities in these incidents.

Male, bullied and then the bullier. Disenfranchised.

Again and again and again.

The human holding the tool, creating the atrocity.

What more can we know about this?

What questions can we ask earlier and care enough to follow through?

The tool itself will forever be in debate amongst our politicians (they have too much at stake for it to be otherwise), but we have extraordinary power in our communities to create space, to listen, to provide acceptance, to give a damn about the young people in our lives. They matter. They are the starting point. They are the ripple.

Do not underestimate the influence of your interactions. Do not underestimate the influence of your ignorance. Do not underestimate the influence of your compassion. Do not underestimate the influence of your curiosity.

Do not underestimate the very things that are within your control.

Because when you take a beat and bring someone along, you could very well be their tipping point.


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