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A word about middle school.

A word about middle school.

A constant cycle of coming to an end: death by paper cut. But wait, we’re not dying! But wait, those paper cuts suck ass! But wait, it’s only a couple of years—the cuts are superficial!

Middle school is a free pass—you will never ever be this awkward again.

Did I say you were awkward? Okay, I might have.

But it’s by design so that you can practice how to change and shift with only a dollop of discomfort as your consequence.

You’re right—it’s more than a dollop.

Don’t worry. Everyone is doing the same damn thing and won’t even remember <insert mishap> tmrw. So get your awkward weird on. Let’s celebrate it. Let’s dance to it. Let’s learn from it. Let’s remember to be kind because of it.

…Said all moms on the inside. On the outside it sounds more like this:


I got you, kid. I’m listening.


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