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Two things.

This morning, Huck pawed at the backdoor indicating his desire to go do Huck things. Because I am a trained owner, I quickly ran to indulge him, opening the door, stepping out onto the back patio.

In my mismatched pajamas.

With an avocado mask greening my countenance to witchy-like proportions.

And don't mind the Don King wild hair. No crazy here, folks.

Of course, the new neighbor would take this opportunity to strike up a conversation from the other side of the fence. Of course. When I'm least ready to be with and of the world. There they stood with a ring of smoke heading heavenward from their vape pen and the nerve to ask thoughtful questions about my morning. What a bastard.

And thus began the great inner standoff.

Engage or run?

Am I embarrassed by the avocado on my face?

Should one always be ready for their vaping neighbor, with hair perfectly coiffed and words of wisdom dripping from the tongue?

Roll eyes or freeze?

Last week, I tried two new things. One went really well. The other not so much. One left me soaring and ready to take on the world. The other was temporarily debilitating and the truth is, I was unable to get out of the house for a couple of days as I worked to reflect and process. (I am actually still processing the latter and suspect I will not have any neat and tidy answers now or anytime soon. But at least I can leave the house again without too much angst, except at the Ulta checkout...I'll leave that story to Peyton, but will say that the world would be better without smelly Ulta.)

Such is life, yes?

One does not negate the other.

Engage, run, roll eyes, or freeze?

I called Huck back in from the muddy yard and to my neighbor, "Good morning! I've gotta get back to you -- this girl has avocado on her face and no coffee in her hand. Catch you later!"

It's all messy. I am not embarrassed by this.


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