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Probably not.

I am a girl who flosses her teeth. This is new. Historically, I do not like to floss my teeth, but my hygienist, Nathan, kindly suggested it without shaming me. So now I do it daily and enjoy the pepperminty sensation between my teeth.

I am a girl who wakes up at 4:15 am on Thursdays.

This is new. Historically, I do not like waking up this early because I get very pukey, but this morning I pushed past the nausea, hopped on my bike, and rode to meet my group. My group didn't make it, which was a-okay with me (again, pukey). I zigged and zagged offering my greetings to deer, bunnies, birds, one near naked guy, and the sun rising from the horizon.

I am a girl who giggles in yoga. This is not new. Historically, I giggle when doing hard physical things like jumping rope, running, climbing hills, and standing on one leg with my eyes closed. It starts silent enough on the inside and then can't help but gurgle out at the pure joy of the silliness.

I am a girl with habits new and old. In this month of my 50th birthday, I am probably less girl and more woman in tenure--- Probably. Maybe. Probably not, says the flossing, early rising, pukey, giggling girl.


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