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I love the crown of your head holding your thoughts regal.

I love your eyes. May you see. really see through your day.

I love your nose. May you breathe in all that is good and give it a good wrinkle when it falls short of good.

I love your ears. May you hear, really hear those around you today. Listen to more than their words.

I love your mouth. May you find your words and your truths.

I love your heart. May you remember what beats in you beats in me and beats in all living things.


This is how we begin each day. My favorite part of the day when I lean over a sleeping Peyton, whispering the above and tracing my finger from the crown of her head to her heart and finally ending with a tickle to the toes. I can't shield her (or Justin) from the unexpected cruelties of the world, but for a few minutes each morning, I can hold her close. I can hold her safe. On this Valentine's day, I hope that you too feel loved and safe.

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